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Twisted Psychology of Color

“Sunrise paints the sky with pinks and the sunset with peaches. Cool to warm. So is the progression from childhood to old age.”        ― Vera Nazarian, Ever wonder why you walk into a room and all of a sudden you are filled with an intense feeling and you don’t know...

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The Smoking Glass

Glass bowls!  Many People don't even pay attention on how this material shapes our day to day activities & lives.  We drink out of glass, we are even able to walk on glass!  As I dive more into this research I am stunned at what can be done with glass, how its...

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The Best Butane for Smoking

Best Butane for Smoking When smoking do you ever take into consideration that you are inhaling the contents of your lighter? It is important that you are using the best butane available to protect yourself from harmful chemicals. Butane is used in majority of...

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Why N-Butane Is The Best Option For Heating Your Water Pipes

Butane is an organic compound. Scientifically, it is an alkaline with four carbon atoms. It is usually noted as the formula C4H10. At room temperature butane is usually a gas. But, what is N-Butane? N-Butane is “Normal Butane.” It is colorless gas, highly flammable,...

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Understanding the Numbers & Color of Butane Cans

Numbers, numbers, numbers, they are on all of the butane labels, but what do they mean and are they even important?  Since the scientists behind the Twisted Labs have spent more time studying butane then most people think is humanly possible we went to them to get our...

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